About us

AelooPaws was founded in 2019 by my husband Egor, me Anastasia and our furkids Aurora and Shena (we also have two yorkshire terriers in the family Nika and Jerry). Dogs  are our inspiration, I draw all your illustrations and Egor is helping me with everything else.

I think every artist should have someone who believe in him and only then he becomes brave enought to show his work to the world. In my case it is my husband, he's my biggest support, and because of him I can now make beautiful illustrations for you. 

What stands behind the letters AELOO?
We were thinking of a good-sounding and easy to remember name, but also wanted to make it our special. So we took first letters of our names and added Love
And now it is Anastasia Egor Love Paws - AELOO PAWS 

Aurora is our first pup. The year we took her we saw Northern Lights  and decided that we had to adopt a dog and name her Aurora.

This is Shena. We got her 6 months after we got Aurora and she was such a naughty pup. She peed on our bed, couch, all our carpets almost every day... Phew, how good that she grew up to a good girl!